Sustainable Development Goals Grant

Rev Dr Yap Kim Hao

The late Reverend Dr Yap Kim Hao was a benefactor, dear friend of Yale-NUS College and a strong champion of our values. Fondly loved by family, friends, and the many he uplifted, Rev Dr Yap’s purposeful life – even after retirement from full-time Christian ministry – was
dedicated to the passionate advocacy of religious diversity and social progress. This is an important legacy of creating a better world in an increasingly uncertain global community with huge developmental challenges.

Yale-NUS is honoured to keep his legacy alight by setting up a grant made possible by friends and family. The grant will be awarded to
students to pursue local and international internships which engage with marginalised communities and inter-faith activities, as well as projects that focus on the objectives of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. These were causes Rev Dr Yap held near and dear to his heart.

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What is the Impact?

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), adopted by the United Nations in 2015, are a blueprint of 17 interlinked goals that aim to address global challenges (such as poverty, inequality, climate action and access to peace and justice).

Every year, many passionate undergraduates and alumni pursue their aspirations of making a better world in the off-the-beaten pathways of often overlooked communities in SDG-focused sectors. Between 2017 and 2020, 205 Yale-NUS students embarked on internships in SDG-related sectors while a further 56 Yale-NUS graduates entered SDG-related jobs.

However, despite its global importance, these pathways remain uncommon and challenging in Singapore due to limited opportunities and institutional support.

This new Yale-NUS College SDG grant aims to support the dreams of our young generation by providing Yale-NUS students the exposure and experience at SDG-focused private and public sector internships in Singapore and internationally. This grant will richly enhance both the prospects and opportunities for our students on this important pathway towards a better future for all.