Toh Chin Chye Study Award

The late Dr Toh Chin Chye, former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Singapore.

The Toh Chin Chye Study Award was established in memory of Dr Toh Chin Chye. Dr Toh was a founding father of modern Singapore and former Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore.

Dr Toh (1921-2012) was born in Perak. He attended Raffles College in Singapore and graduated with a first class Diploma in Science. He subsequently obtained a PhD in Physiology from the National Institute for Medical Research in London. Upon his return to Singapore in 1953, he became a lecturer at the University of Malaya.

Subsequently, alongside Mr Lee Kuan Yew, Mr Goh Keng Swee and Mr S Rajaratnam, Dr Toh formed the People’s Action Party (PAP). He served as the Chairman of the PAP from its formation in 1954 to 1981, with the exception of a brief interlude in 1957. He led a committee set up to design the national crest, anthem and flag. Dr Toh was appointed as Singapore’s first Deputy Prime Minister when Singapore gained independence. He later served as the Minister for Science and Technology (1968–75) and Minister for Health (1975–81). He retired from Parliament in 1988.

Dr Toh also left an imprint in the field of education. He served as the Chairman of Singapore Polytechnic and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Singapore, where he set up the faculties of Engineering and Architecture and initiated the establishment of the National University Hospital (NUH).

Dr Toh is acknowledged for his outstanding contributions and critical role in fostering Singapore’s development. Upon his passing in 2012, Former Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew paid tribute to Dr Toh as a man with a ‘sharp and analytical mind’ and a ‘redoubtable fighter for equality for all peoples, regardless of race, language, or religion’.

To recognise his lifetime of service to Singapore, the Toh Chin Chye Study Award was established with gifts from various individual and corporate donors honouring Dr Toh. His legacy will live on at the College where students regardless of their financial background will be offered the opportunity to pursue a liberal arts education.

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