Tizian Schenker Scholarship

The Tizian Schenker Scholarship was established to honour the memory of the late Tizian Schenker.

  • The family of Tizian Schenker

Tizian studied information about Yale-NUS online and liked the concept, which he thought was exceptional; he said he could imagine studying there. We hope that the recipients of the scholarship can profit from this unique pedagogy.

The Tizian Schenker Scholarship was established in memory of Mr Tizian Schenker, an outstanding youth who was well-loved and respected by those around him.

Originally from Switzerland, Tizian (1995-2016) spent a couple of years in Singapore, which his family described as “the best years of his life”. During his time in Singapore, he enjoyed local food such as roti prata and bean curd, and eagerly picked up Chinese writing and outdoor sports. He also enjoyed cycling and exploring new bike paths in Singapore.

A bright and inquisitive child from a young age, Tizian displayed a talent and passion for drawing, music (specifically drums and piano), and technology in particular. This trained him to be proficient in locating and organising web content in an efficient and systematic manner, with discussions revolving around scientific and philosophical questions as he grew older.

Tizian was a particularly well-rounded youth. Beyond honing hard skills, he had a kind heart, a strong sense of integrity and a firm commitment to ethics. A bright and inquisitive self-learner, he was wise beyond his years, and his open and inquiring spirit was an inspiration to many. He was well-loved for his good sense of humour and friendly disposition.

Tizian liked the unique concept of education found at Yale-NUS College and aspired to study there. To honour his memory, his family hopes that recipients of the Tizian Schenker Scholarship at Yale-NUS College will be able profit from this pedagogy and further his legacy of curiosity.

To make a gift in memory of Tizian Schenker, please contact the Development Office at giving@yale-nus.edu.sg.