Alan Chan Study Award

Dr Alan Chan established the Alan Chan Study Award at Yale-NUS College.

  • Dr Alan Chan

I like the unconventional approach Yale-NUS has taken towards its pedagogy and curriculum. It’s new and refreshing; combining American liberal arts traditions with the diverse intellectual traditions and cultures of Asia. Students should learn to be open-minded; to take in diverse perspectives and opinions.

The Alan Chan Study Award was made possible with a gift from Dr Alan Chan, former chairman of Petroships.

Dr Chan’s first experience with entrepreneurship was when he left the civil service at the age of 27 to become a salesman, peddling tin plates and sundry goods. By the time he was 38 years old, he had gained experience working as a shipping executive in a Hong Kong-based firm. He went on to found Petroships, a tanker shipping company.

Dr Chan believes strongly in the value of education. Several years after founding Petroships, he enrolled in the Harvard Business School’s Advanced Management Program. He currently serves as a senior Fellow with the Centre for East-West Cultural and Economic Studies at Bond University. He also gives regular talks at different educational institutions in the region. He has a passion for East-West cultural interactions. He was recently conferred with a doctorate degree from Bond University.

Dr Chan has written several books particularly on the teaching of Confucius, and philosophy. He published his first book, Topical Topics, where he expounds on subjects including politics, philosophy, phonetics and euthanasia in both English and Chinese, in 2008. Dr Chan’s gift will also support innovative student programmes at the College.