Liberal arts education, with its small class sizes, full residential component and impactful programmes, is an expensive model of education. Like many leading Colleges, Yale-NUS operates on a model where the fees charged cover but a fraction of the true cost of providing this education. The areas in which one may provide support are outlined below.


Unrestricted Support

Unrestricted gifts provide the College the greatest flexibility to direct the funds to where they are needed most urgently, and thus allow the College to take advantage of strategic opportunities to advance education and research.


Student Support

Scholarships recognise the academic excellence of students and help the College attract the most talented students to Yale-NUS College, while need-based study awards provide financial support to students requiring financial assistance to pursue their education at Yale-NUS.


Teaching Excellence

Support teaching excellence at Yale-NUS through professorships and fellowships at the College. This will enable the College to attract outstanding faculty to Yale-NUS. Our global faculty specialise in a diverse spectrum of disciplines—from the Sciences, Social Sciences to the Humanities, and are passionate about mentoring and teaching students of Yale-NUS.


Educational Programmes

Support innovative programmes that prepare leaders of tomorrow with a global outlook, an appreciation for diversity and the ability to communicate and lead effectively.

Gifts can be endowed or expendable. An endowed gift has a long term impact on the future of the College as the principal is retained and invested. The returns earned will go towards supporting the gift purpose.  An expendable gift has an immediate impact. The entire amount will be spent on the donor’s intended gift purpose. For more information and to discuss giving to the College, please contact us at

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