Our Ambassadors

Meet some of our Alumni Giving Ambassadors from Yale-NUS’ first two graduating classes:


  • Amelia Chew ’17

    “After stepping out into the working world, I’ve come to realise how instrumental my Yale-NUS experience has been in shaping the way I approach both work and life. I’m grateful for the people, spaces and interactions that I had access to and would like to extend these opportunities to future generations of students as well.”


  • Chia Teck Yuke ’17

    “My time at Yale-NUS was amongst the most enjoyable in my life. I was privileged to learn from great professors and even greater classmates, and to eventually count them as friends I can depend on. I believe that many would benefit from the same experiences I’ve had, and I’m passionate about the continued success of Yale-NUS.”


  • Colette Chiaranussati ’18

    “Being an Alumni Giving Ambassador is an opportunity for me to stay connected to the College, and to make a small contribution to help future generations of Yale-NUS students have the same, if not better, opportunities. Ultimately, I feel a sense of ownership and responsibility towards helping the College to succeed and grow into its full potential.”


  • Chua Wan Ping ’17

    “Yale-NUS has given me a chance to explore my passion for sustainability without financial worry, as well as the best academic experience and friends I could ask for. This is why I am an Alumni Giving Ambassador, as I hope to give other students a chance to experience this wonderful community as well.”


  • Bozy Lu ’18

    “It was at Yale-NUS that I felt and believed that opportunities to venture into new adventures were boundless. Having been graciously supported by the College during my time there, I hope to give back in my role as an Alumni Giving Ambassador to ensure that current and future students can receive adequate resources to explore their interests.”


  • Anshuman Mohan ’17

    “I truly believe in the power of community (and, of course, in the power of fruit). Yale-NUS taught me this, and Yale-NUS remains one of the best things I’ve ever been a part of. I’m a Giving Ambassador because I want to maintain a tangible link to the school, and give back to my community in whatever little way I can.”


  • Daniel Ng ’18

    “I’m grateful for the community, conversations and opportunity to create something new in Yale-NUS. I’ve been incredibly blessed by the wonderful people here – and giving back in this small way is the least I can do to contribute to this place that has given me so much!”


  • Luke Ong ’18

    “I considered turning down Yale-NUS’ offer of admission because its tuition fees were considerably higher than other local universities. Thankfully, I was fortunate enough to receive financial aid to defray some of my tuition costs. Now, I serve as an Alumni Giving Ambassador to encourage my peers to give back to the College. I am certain that our contributions, whether big or small, will benefit future generations to come.”


  • Sharon Quaye ’18

    “My best educational experience so far was when I spent six weeks in Swaziland and South Africa learning about global health during the summer of 2016. That experience was instrumental in helping me realise the kind of work I would like to do for the rest of my life. Yale-NUS made that possible and I would like for others to have similar career-shaping experiences.”


  • Daryl Yang ’18

    “I decided to be a Giving Ambassador because I have received so much from the College. I hope to do my part in making sure that others will have the opportunity to receive the same, life-changing education that I have had over the past five years.”


  • Yap Zhiwen ’17

    “From a student in the pioneering class to an alumna and staff member, I have watched the College grow and grown alongside it. We have built a welcoming and brave space that is special both to our community and within the broader education landscape. I’m an Alumni Giving Ambassador because I believe the work being done here is worth doing and supporting.”


  • Hannah Yeo ’18

    “Possibilities, people, and a world of perspectives – Yale-NUS brings these together in a way that is special to Singapore. I want to preserve this space, and therefore became an Alumni Giving Ambassador.”