Alumni Giving

A warm welcome to all our Halcyon graduates!

As alumni, you play a significant role in shaping and building our community of learning beginning from your time as a student and continuing even after graduation. Over the years, many of you have given back to Yale-NUS in myriad ways – through time, gifts, knowledge and advice. We are deeply grateful for that and value your continued support in strengthening the Yale-NUS experience for current and future generations of Kingfishers.

Your generosity sends a powerful message to those within and outside of our community that you are deeply invested in the future of the College and its students. Join us in building a strong, unique culture of alumni giving at the College today – so that other Kingfishers can fully benefit from their Yale-NUS journeys, just as you have.



Giving Back

If you’d like to make a gift to Yale-NUS, do consider a range of college priorities that may resonate with you – be it financial aid, international opportunities, or even towards counselling and mental health initiatives at the College. Every gift – regardless of amount – matters.

Click here to view a list of funds that you may give to.

Have questions? Speak to any of our Alumni Giving Ambassadors (listed below), or email for more information.


If you’d like to explore giving back to our community in other ways, please contact the Alumni Affairs team at



Alumni Giving 2020

This year’s Alumni Giving Month kicked off on Wednesday, 1 April 2020.

Click here to make a gift of any amount towards a college priority that matters to you.



Our Ambassadors

This year, we have 16 Alumni Giving Ambassadors representing Yale-NUS’ first three classes of graduates. They are:

  • Spandana Bhattacharya ’17
  • Maline Bungum ’19
  • Nicole Chen ’19
  • Amelia Chew ’17
  • David Chia ’17
  • Chia Teck Yuke ’17
  • Chua Wan Ping ’17
  • Bozy Lu ’18
  • Evan Ma ’18
  • Anshuman Mohan ’17
  • Pratyush More ’18
  • Luke Ong ’18
  • Rebeca Salazar ’19
  • Erika Terrones Shibuya ’17
  • Harini V ’18
  • Martin Vasev ’18

Want to join our team of Alumni Giving Ambassadors in giving back to Yale-NUS? Drop us an email at, and we’ll be in touch!


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