The creation of Yale-NUS College is fuelled by a shared dream: a new model of liberal arts education in the 21st century.

The strength of a liberal arts education – which includes the whole range of human knowledge, from language and literature to mathematics to the physical, biological and social sciences and beyond – is to emphasise not only specialist knowledge but also breadth of knowledge.  Students will take a set of shared courses in literature, social thought and scientific inquiry, while also majoring in a particular discipline.  While mastering a body of knowledge and techniques, they will learn to approach and solve problems from different angles.

The ability to “zoom-out” to see the big picture and the connections between issues in different disciplines; then to be able to “zoom-in” deeply into specific areas – is vital for dealing effectively with the complex issues that characterise much of work, and life, today. Students gain this zoom-in, zoom-out ability while engaged in discourse-intensive classes – active learning that leads to critical and creative thinking.

As the first liberal arts college in Singapore, Yale-NUS is the first alternative to specialised and technical university programmes and one of the pioneers of such learning in all of Asia.  The College’s strength will come from the breadth of the education we offer, our active pedagogy, and our encouragement of creativity.

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